Our Services

Buzz consultants employ a number of methods to ensure our public relations activities are implemented and maintained in an effective manner. We work in conjunction with our clients to monitor the success in achieving the core objectives and reaching key target audiences.

Buzz has provided public relations and corporate communications services to a wide range of clients across government, private and not-for-profit sectors.


In consultation with our clients, Buzz formulates fully integrated and multi-faceted communications strategies to manage a wide range of consultation processes, ensuring target audiences are reached and objectives are met.

We have extensive experience planning, writing, editing, coordinating and producing a range of corporate publications, including annual reports, media releases, advertorials, fact sheets, brochures, flyers, invitations, sponsorship proposals, funding applications, newsletters, website content and speeches.

Our consultants understand the need to adhere to corporate standards. When commencing work for any new client, we familiarise themselves with the necessary style guides and corporate guidelines/standards to ensure these are followed at all times.

It is also worth noting that Buzz employs formal project management and quality assurance methodologies to ensure effective client service in relation to the preparation, approval and dissemination of all corporate information. 


Buzz consultants have extensive experience in the field of media relations, incorporating media campaigns as a core marketing and public relations tool.

We liaise regularly with journalists on behalf of a number of clients spanning the corporate and not-for-profit sectors.The maintenance of these relationships relies heavily on the understanding we have of the journalist’s role and the pressures of their job.

We are trained in the art of developing, implementing and managing media strategies. This includes writing media releases, arranging photo opportunities, coordinating media briefings and preparing background information.

Our success at formulating media strategies – identifying newsworthy media hooks, developing professional relationships with journalists; responding to media requests in a timely and appropriate manner; and gaining positive media coverage – is well documented.


Buzz has decades of experience in – and much enthusiasm for – event management.  We have coordinated expos, exhibitions, conferences, VIP cocktail functions, gala dinners, company/brand/product launches, themed nights, Christmas parties, school fundraisers, red carpet film premieres, film productions, community and sporting events, to name a few.  Our role often extends to publicity, talent management and sponsor liaison.


Our consultants can organise community consultation workshops and forums, as well as communication activities such as phone surveys.


Whether it’s planning an event around a ministerial announcement or drafting a joint media release, we understand the approval process and always adhere to protocols.