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BuzzProdLogo-2Buzz Communications’ director Estelle Buzzard provides film publicity and production through Buzz Productions.

Estelle’s EP credits include Liz Garcia’s US drama The Lifeguard (Kristen Bell) and award-winning US feature Missing Pieces (Mark Boone Jnr, Melora Walters). Her producing credits include Australian thriller Foreshadow (Justin Burford, Myles Pollard), Australian/Argentine short festival favourite, Tango Underpants (Emma Booth), and musical romantic comedy, Library of Love (Trilby Glover, Ian Brennan).

As a publicist, Estelle has represented a number of award winning Australian actors and directors, and consults to numerous documentary and film production companies. Her credits as international publicist include award-winning films Little Sparrows, More 4 Me, Bitter Art and Crush.


Lol Crop LandscapeLibrary of Love (short, 2016)
Writers: Miranda Edmonds, Khrob Edmonds  and Katy Lefroy
Directors: Miranda Edmonds and Khrob Edmonds
Stars: Trilby Glover, Ian Brennan, Ben Mortley.
Genre: Musical Romantic Comedy
Country: Australia

Library of Love tells the story of Isabelle – a librarian and hopeless romantic, who spends her days reading romance novels and dreaming of true love. But can she pull her nose out of the books long enough to find love in the real world?


thelifeguardThe Lifeguard (feature, 2013)
Writer/Director: Liz W Garcia
Stars: Kristen Bell, Mamie Gummer, Martin Starr
Genre: Drama
Country: USA

A former valedictorian quits her reporter job in New York and returns to the place she last felt happy: her childhood home in Connecticut. She gets work as a lifeguard and starts a dangerous relationship with a troubled teenager.sundance.gif


Tango Underpants (short, 2013)
Writer: John Collee1073916_10152176447275695_786967355_o
Director: Miranda & Khrob Edmonds
Stars: Emma Booth
Country: Australia/Argentina

Tango Underpants tells the story of Carolyn – a young Australian backpacker who, after a bad breakup and too long on the road, has completely lost her mojo. However, all of that changes when she reaches South America. Here she discovers not only the wonders of the Tango dance and the people, but also the vital importance of the right underwear.

Foreshadow (feature, 2013)1398522_624998880884541_435053464_o

Writer: Krisztian Lippert
Director: Carmelo Musca
Stars: Justin Burford, Myles Pollard, Andrea Addison
Genre: Supernatural Thriller
Country: Australia

Jesse Milton is living the high life – money, surf and a never-ending supply of hot babes – until he discovers his latest blonde bombshell dead. When the coroner rules out foul play and the police refuse to investigate, Jesse decides to go after the killer himself.

Missing Pieces (feature, 2012)

Writer/Director: Kenton Bartlett
Genre: Drama/Suspensemissingpiecesdvd
Starring: Mark Boone Jr, Melora Walters
Country: USA

Missing Pieces is an emotional enigma about love and loneliness… and a bizarre kidnapping.

Gripped by a self help tape and inspired by her artwork, David concocts a strange and deluded plan to win back the affection of his estranged girlfriend, Delia. His unsuspecting victims Maggie and Daylen, wake up every day in a new and remote location with different tasks to complete – from blowing up a car in the desert, to climbing a snowy mountain. As they complete each assignment and ultimately try to escape, the two former strangers form a unique bond. Through interwoven, poignant vignettes, this multi-plot tale unfolds and untangles into a truly unique and heartfelt love story about finding hope when all is lost.